The successful ‘ asphalt ‘ series by Gameloft gets in the near future a new part: with asphalt Xtreme enters the racing game series off-road paths. Beach buggies, monster trucks and trucks you hurtling through the mud and performing daring stunts. There is too much information to the mobile game but yet.

Racing games, maybe not to the degree of popularity of match 3 games, cozy establishment titles, or entertaining games of skill like reach on mobile devices. And probably also not representative of the racing genre can keep up with the success of Pok√©mon GO . But a few notable series have yet to prove in the past years, where is the mobile games market in the growth, and inspire a large number of players.In addition to the “need for speed”-“real racing” games from electronic arts, there is the series of asphalt by the French publisher Gameloft. Which took place in the year 2004 with asphalt: GT started, as Smartphones and tablets were urban future. There are now a whopping 15 offshoot, the last named asphalt Nitro was released for Android devices by 2015. Now, Gameloft has announced a new part: asphalt Xtreme, the title, appears for iOS, Android, and Windows phone.

Asphalt Xtreme is no direct continuation of the official eighth part asphalt 8: Airborne, who has almost two years under his belt. As at asphalt Nitro’s is a spin-off, which is dedicated to the topic of off-road racing. This reveals the teaser image released by Gameloft in the wake of the announcement. It inter alia a rally car, a beach buggy, a monster truck and a lorry which drive through the mud or perform high jumps can be seen. Caption reads: “No. road, no rules” (“no Street, no rules”). With normal car race on a paved track asphalt Xtreme will have to do so seems so much like Nutella with a healthy breakfast (Yes, that’s unfortunately). Asphalt Xtreme hack

Very short video to asphalt Xtreme published

In addition, Gameloft has released a very short video on the official Instagram account of the asphalt series, that ten seconds is not and not even completely fills with game scenes. All you can see is a monster truck, which runs on a sloping Hill and around its own axis rotates affiliated in the air. Otherwise, there is still no information about asphalt Xtreme. Also a release date is not known. On the part of Gameloft’s just means: “Coming soon”.

But already there are a Community action where you can unlock rewards, which each player in asphalt Xtreme will receive, as soon as the title on the market is. On the official website you can register in advance for the title.So you are collecting points for the whole fan base. It brings more points if your asphalt Xtreme on Facebook and Twitter sharing or subscribe to the official YouTube channel. The community has collected more points at the end, there are more rewards.

asphalt xtreme

A bar on the Web page shows how many points must be collected, unlock the individual rewards.

In total, 15 tokens can be (currency to buy cars and upgrades), dusting off a welcome box of collectible cards, stickers for the predator X-18 Intimidator and the vehicle itself. But this is only if all register many fans on the Web page and take the other steps. Otherwise, there is only a part of the rewards or even nothing at all.