Dawn of Titans brings back the strategy to iOS


NaturalMotion has embarked on an ambitious project to iOS devices brings us back to the classic strategy. The title Dawn of Titans and will enable us to meet our armies with a series of titans , oversized, who seek to destroy our empire. Free Dawn of titans hack

As great virtue developer shows us, in a video, you can find up to 7000 characters on screenwith real – time motion. The fear of the company is that your game is over becoming a Free to Play more, when they believe they offer a degree of great quality and with enormous effort behind. Dawn of Titans arrive later this year to our iPhone, iPads and iPods.

Clash Royale Cheats

Clash Royale and takes a month between us, and chances are that if you are reading this also have drafted their networks without remedy. It’s an addictive and fun game, but although it is quite easy and accessible tinker things change a lot if our objective is to win. Here you have a quick guide with some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind to serve as role as champions.

Clash Royale Advice

The game, as we have said, only lasts three minutes. The only time that players will receive more time is when their scores are tied, but is very unlikely.

Central Tower : Although jguadores have no choice but to start attacks on any of the outer towers of their enemies, it is useful to know that the only one that matters is the center.Concentrate on one of the outside to come before it. When you destroy, automatically you win.

Defense : As with many other games defense is an essential factor in Clash Royale. It makes no sense to focus all your strength solely on the offense and the player base is vulnerable to attack.

A good deck : Having a good deck is, of course, a decisive factor. It is important to achieve fluency in both offensive and defensive section; a varied deck is a strong deck, so it is advisable to keep at least one card from each class.

Reserve elixir : While it is important to have powerful decks, no less important is to consider how much cost elixir. It is best to keep the elixir at a reasonable to make sure you have enough when you need level.

Clash Royale Cheats

Although it may seem obvious it is important to note that each attack lasts about three minutes. You may get longer if we tied our opponent, and must take into account that the central tower is all that matters; you will have to attack the outer towers before going for it, but end the center is what will give you the victory.

Note that to create a good deck must know your cards . It is one of the most important aspects of Clash Royale, and should pay special attention to how much it costs elixir each of them and the damage they can cause. It is also important to use them in combination with other cards to see which ones work best together; the giant and the musketeer, for example, oddball work well together as a kind of David and Goliath. The more you know and those you familiarize yourself with the types of damage that can do cards and possible combos, thebetter your deck. Free Clash Royale Gems

Evolve your deck constantly . To see which cards work best with others is essential that your deck is constantly evolving. You can change one or two cards and play a game to see how things change.

Balance is the key . It might be tempting to fill the deck of powerful creatures, but the more damage then a letter will cost elixir. If you fill your deck with cards that cost can not move too much as wish. In that case letters light as archers or goblins, they are especially useful to fall back on . Keep this in mind always: the balance is the key, so light letters are equally or more important than heavy. You can know how much it costs elixir playing a card deck and watching the amount of medium elixir that appears in purple. It is best to be between 3.5 and 4.5.

Use gold carefully . It is very tempting to improve all the cards at any time, but is much more effective to be cautious with improvements. As a general rule it is advisable to improve the most common letters because they are cheaper, and use gold to improve those that you know you use frequently. The free boxes appear at regular intervals, and when you win a battle receive other whose content will allow you to improve other cards. Gold is difficult to achieve, so it is better be careful how you spend it .

Playing defense is an option . Your first hand is chosen at random, so it may be too weak and see that you have no chance. If that happens, stay cautious and let your enemy attack. You keep elixir and you can also see in which tower is directed to properly defend it . If your troops survive the first onslaught will be perfectly positioned to withstand an attack when you have stronger cards.

The best deck

The main thing is to ensure that accounts with a strong deck with great defense and great attack. It should be varied, and it is advisable to focus on uploading them level and take a look at the outside decks to create you consider ideal. Although many will recommend that your decks or use Golem PEKKA is quite possible that still can not use those cards. It is also very important to keep Elixir to make sure you do not run out at the most crucial moment. Clash Royale Hack

Here are a useful deck for Arenas 3-5.

  • Goblin with spear – (Level 6+)
  • Arrows – (Level 5+)
  • Musketeer – (Level 4+)
  • Gigante – (Level 3+)
  • Goblin – (Level 4+)
  • Baby Dragon – (Level 2+)
  • Army skeletons – (Level 1+)
  • Witch – (Level 2+)
  • Elixir average: 4.0

This is an interesting deck because their level of elixir is balanced and combined with a variety of cards. Of course, we must have patience because it does not ensure the victory of the blue. It is likely to win most of the battles in the first few seconds with this deck or already advanced time because it takes a long time for things to be encouraged. The key is not to react to attacks sprees; one must consider how much damage you can do and how elixir used to it before deciding to send your defenders.

Tutorial effective deck: the number 1 in the world