FIFA 17: After Aircraft Tragedy – EA gives all players the Chapecoense coat of arms and tricot

After a plane crash, in which almost the entire team of Chapecoense died, to EA Sports in showing FIFA 17 solidarity.

On Tuesday, a plane from the Bolivian airline LaMia collapsed in Colombia. 77 people were on board, among them the Brazilian football team AF Chapecoense. According to the latest reports, fuel shortages caused tragedy. 71 people died, 6 survived. Free FIFA 17 Coins

The team from Chapecoense was on the way to the finals game around the South America Cup, the Copa Sudamericana, against Atlético Nacional from Medellín. Achieving this final was the biggest success in club history so far.Fifa-coat-of-arms-chapecoense

Like numerous football fans, EA Sports is now demonstrating solidarity and showing respect to the victims with a special gesture. All players of FUT 17 receive free jerseys and coat of arms from Chapecoense. Ingame came the message that we should signal our support to the friends, families and fans of Chapecoense. Hack FIFA 17